10/9/13 Hump Day

Good Wednesday afternoon healing team!!

I know I am late sending you email this week. I was not on vacation. I was working hard and I thank you for your support of my practice so we can continue to provide our service to patients.

Wednesday is also know as Hump day. Before we go further, I have to tell you this “Hump day” story. As you know already, English is second language for my wife and I. Sometimes, we misunderstand what has been said.

A few years ago on Wednesday morning, my wife and one of her co workers were walking from parking a lot to their office, and her co worker told her “It is hump day”. My wife’s response was “Good for you!”. Then her the co-worker asked her “Do you know what’s hump day means?” My wife said “You are going to have … today”. Then Her co-worker LOL. and you may be LOL now. Since then I always think about this story on Wednesdays. Well gentlemen, good luck.

I am sure that we all have good da ys and bad days. I always tell you that our body is designed to heal. It is getting better even you do not think or feel that way. Some of you have heard that I talked about Four components of healing.
1. Physical, 2 Chemical (diet) 3. Emotional and 4 Spiritual.

Most of patients come in due to pain. it can be rooted from one or multiples of above four. Most of time, all components are involved but different degrees.
You may be coming to my office for acute or chronic pain, fertility issues, induced labor, menstrual related issues, tinniness, bell’s palsy, sciatica, numbness tingling, plantarfaciitis, TMJ issues, dealing with autoimmune issues or simply wellness care, remember that your body is designed to heal. It will get well. You may be dealing with this for a long time and just want to give up, but your body never gives up on you to get you well. The “HUMP” that you decided to climb to get you well may be bigger than you tho ught and you may want to quit, but it could be another step or so away from the top.

Keep climbing until you get on top of your hump.

Consistency + Reliability = Security (Pastor Ed Young was talking about this last week and I think it is true for everything)

At the end, I would like to share a message from Elevation Church http://elevationchurch.org/sermons/i-dont-know-what-i-believe 4th message on this series. Titled;Scar Shaper

Happy Hump Day!

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