11/11/13 Veteran’s Day

Good afternoon healing team!

I hope you all having a great Veterans day. I would like to thank you to those who have served and are serving our country and their families!

I see a lot of people come in to my office for pain. Then, I was one of them on Friday. I injured my left knee on Friday. I am not sure when I did it and how I did it, but probably I did it during my front and back squat work out on Friday morning.

But I realize when I get in the car, I have to twist my left knee, so I might have predisposed for the injury from my car. I told my wife that’s how I did it, so I can get another car, but my proposal got denied very quickly.

If I stop here, you all think that squat is bad for your knee, but it is not true. I did not have the correct technique on squat and I strained my knee by poor biomechanics. Bad technique is bad for your knee.

Fortunately, I am good at fixing knees. I have a lot of patie nts can give me great testimonials about it. I knew what I need to do to restore it. I had pain because my meniscus (knee cartilage) was inflamed due to my poor biomechanics. The problem was that I have never adjusted my knee.

I asked my wife nicely to help me with this. I told her what she needed to do (she is a licensed physical therapist so she can legally grade 5 mobilization (adjust)) to help my knee. Yes, she did help me.

Today I went to Crossfit and I did 10 rounds of 150 meters run, 7 reps of chest to bar pull ups, 7 reps of 135# front squat and 7 reps of hand stand push ups. Yes total of 70 reps of 135# front squat. Restore the biomechanics of the knee which reduce the stress on the meniscus and it healed well by today.

The body is designed to heal, do the right thing it will get better quickly!! Remember your body want to get well and stay well.

Thank you very much for those who have served our country a nd their families!!

Have a great week!

Dr. T

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