11/19/13 Happinnes

Good Monday afternoon healing team!

I hope you all enjoyed nice weekend. We went to Arboretum’s new children’s area yesterday. It was nice. There were a lot of water. You know what I mean if you have been there. You will see it what I mean when you go there.

It welcomed you with ground water fountains (Ones with water splash from the ground). When my son saw it, he sprinted toward it and started to taking off his shoes. He spent about 20 minutes playing with water. It is nice to be a kid. It was in mid 80’s yesterday and  I bed it felt awesome to play with water like that. However, being a adult, I cannot take off my shoes and a shirt and jumped into the fountain with them. It was nice to see kids were laughing and smiling and just spending happy time. Even I cannot join them in the water, that picture made me happy.

We moved on to the rest of the kid’s area for another two hours or so. Then it was a time for my son to get&nbs p;cranky (parents, you know how it is), so it was a time to go home. He is usually a good boy but yesterday, he just wanted to be cranky.

Recently, he is at the “mama” stage. He wanted my wife to touch him in the car. I was tired and he was tired and cranky and screaming in the car. I was not happy with the situation.  But amazingly, a few moments later, everything got quite down, kid in the back seat and my wife in the passenger seat passed out. I was happy because I got my quite time for another 30 minutes until I get home. Then, the traffic came to stop due to a wrack on I-30 and I am stuck in the highway. I was not happy again.

It seems like I had a bad Sunday afternoon. I was lucky enough to get off at Belt line to get on the Rowlett Road to Hwy 66 to Rockwall. iPhone is awesome. Then I was happy again.

Anyways, Happiness is temporary. I can be happy at one moment, but can be mad at th e another moment. How can you stay happy all the time? or is it possible??

Check out this message from worship leader Derrick Bonnot about answer to above questions. This guy can sing. I wish I could sing like him, but I cannot. I can try but you do not want me to sing………..yet…  I may be happy but you won’t be happy…

Have a great week!

Dr. T

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