1/13/14 Proud to be an American

Good Tuesday morning healing team.

New year with new things. Well, everyday is a new day. New day start to do something new. Like I said previously, today can be better day than yesterday.

Have you made any new year resolutions, yet? Instead of making resolutions, let’s make at least one new year commitment. A commitment for a year, then maybe it will become a commitment for years. Anything you do can be a great investment for the future.

The most popular new year resolution is something to do with weigh loss. Weight loss has so many health benefits. Weight loss does not come easy. (I guess anything good does not come easy. That is why good is good and everyone wants it.) You have to get up and do exercise. You have to eat better. It takes your time and money, but again, you are investing them for your better future; Better quality of life and joyful lifestyle.

Whatever you commit to do, there will be some stru ggles al ong the way, but just staying with it and keep going. Eventually, it will become your lifestyle and the struggles won’t be too much struggles as you used to think.

This is the power of commitment and dedication. You have it in you. You may have put it away all the way back in your closet, just get it out. It may be covered by dust or need a new battery, just clean it out and put in a new battery and turn it on. Cool thing about it is you have it. Find it and let’s use it. It is that simple. Just keep it simple.

Have a great new year with a new commitment.

Sochi Winter Olympics starts in 31 days.

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