11/4/13 Go with the flow

Good Monday morning healing team!

Yes it is raining and we need it. Lakes are low in water. Let it rain let it rain. Give an extra time when you drive today and may be next three days.

It is already November. Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up soon. I hope all of you are exciting about them.

A lot of you are came to my office to find an answer to relief and fix your pain. I am happy that you came in and were able to help you in this. The body is designed to heal and it will get well if you do the right thing. Like rain, let it heal. Your body will heal yourself. If you are not healed yet, we got to keep working on it.

In life, we never stand at one point. What we do everyday is a process. The time is flowing like a river, sometimes the river may flow quicker,  slower, rough or smooth depending on what you are going through in your life. You may need to paddle more or you are happy with “go with the flow” becaus e it is just enough for you. Go with the flow feels like you are standing at the point, because you may be just chilling, but in order to stand at one point in the river, you are working against the current, that is not easy. Enjoy your day every day because tomorrow is not today anymore.

Today, I will share a sermon from Ed Young, he talked about “Skeleton and Bones”. As a chiropractor,  I deal with bones everyday. So I would love to share this with you.
I know where you have pain in your body, but  where is your spiritual pain in your body? Let’s find out.
Series Walking Dead part 2.

Have a great week!

Dr T

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