12/2/13 New Day

Good Monday afternoon healing team.

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope you ate a lot. If you did not, Christmas is coming up. So get ready. If you did, great, warm up is done for Christmas. Just do not eat like that everyday.

My Thanksgiving started with 5k run in the morning. I have ran a couple of 5k run before. First time, my quad muscles (front thigh muscles) were cramping due to heavy squat in that morning. I learned not to do squat the day of 5k.  Second time, my right IT band (a broad ligament runs from your hip to knee) got tighten up and caused sharp pain during run. So my third time, I did not heavy squat on Wednesday and I stretched well and I was running a mile a day 3-4 times a week for last two weeks. I felt I was prepared. And my body did pretty well for me.

That morning was cold, so I have my thermo on and my beanie on, however, I did not think about my hands and what I do with iPhone. I had to hold iP hone in my hands and run. Just past two miles point, there was a water station and I did not have to drink some water but I thought it looked cool about other runners were grabbing a water so I decided to get one. I got my water cup in my hand and I was breathing hard and running, I put a cup on my mouth to get some water in my mouth.

May be you can predict what happens next,

A. I ran into a parked police car
B. I tripped on a dog
C. I got chocked by water went into trachea
D. I found out it was not a water, it was Gatorade.
E. A & B are correct
F. A, B, C are correct.
Don’t you hate above two choices (choice E and F) ?? I hate it when teachers asked this kind of multiple choice answers. (Usually American government class)

I give you all a bit of time to guess which is right.

Get back to the story, when I was done, my hands were numb. I will be running 5 miles this Sunday. It will be very cold ag ain. I will make sure that I will have my gloves and iPhone holder on my arm. I know it will be longer than 5k (3.2 miles). I guess I need to stretch my muscles for a bit longer than I did for 5k right?

Everyday is a new day. We get to learn new things everyday by a making mistake or from a success. We learn more from mistakes, because our natural instinct to make things better. Let’s learn from your mistakes and make everyday a better day for you.


The answer is C. I got chocked by water. It is not easy to drink water when you are breathing hard and running. I would better look up on you tube how to do that.

Have a great week!

Dr. T

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