12/27/13 Season

Good afternoon healing team!

First thing first. I am out of office until 1/1/14. I will be back in the office on 1/2/14 at 8 am. If you need to schedule an appointment, please visit www.chirodrt.com or reply me this email.

I hope you had a great Christmas. Those of you at work today, thank you and make sure to take some time off. Those of you on vacation, enjoy your time off.

My son is 28 months and I think he does not understand well about Santa Claus and Christmas presents yet. He may. I cannot underestimate of young stars ability to learn and understanding. They learn quickly. Very quickly.

We are done with Christmas but we are still in the holiday SEASON. I enjoy Christmas season. It is pretty. This time of the year, I drive at dark to the office and back to home. Christmas lights make my drive more enjoyable. But, when I drive on weekend, I drive more at day time and it is  different drive.

I was listening a message from Steven Furtick talked about struggles in different season. http://elevationchurch.org/sermons/times-and-seasons f course there are a lot of happiness and joy in the same season, but there are struggles also. A struggle can the struggle for that season, but it could not be the struggle for other season.

When you are in the college student season, your struggle can be schooling, finding a job and finding a wife or husband. As a student you want to move on to the next season of working. But in the working season, your struggle can be getting paid more, paying off your loans and taking a vacation. When you are student you do not have to worry about paying off loans and you have long time off between semesters.

Each season has its struggles and it is what it is. Maybe stop comparing with those in the season you wanted to be in. I am sure they have their struggles. Enjoy your season. Christmas will be back in a year. However, the season you are in right now may not come back….ever…
Have a great weekend!

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