12/9/13 Winter Storm

Good Monday morning healing team!

I hope you all had safe and warm weekend. Those of you have to work and drive today, there are some icy spots, so please be careful and take it easy on your right foot. (Slow down)

We live in the society of instant. We get so much information in a few seconds. If you do not know, we can google and find out in just a few seconds. In this busy holiday time, I know you got much more things to do rather than sitting at home and waiting for electric came on or ice to melt. But it was great reminder for us that you cannot win against mother nature. She is very wild and strong but at the same time, it is naturing and kind. Just like your mother… I hope you all rest well over the weekend and get ready for busy and wonderful rest of holiday season.

If you listen to radio or TV, you will hear  “cerebrate this holiday season with ……” a lot.  The question is: what are you cerebrating?
Our family is cerebrating Christmas which is commemorating of the birth of Jesus Christ. As you may know, a lot of people will go to church for Christmas services. I would like to make it easy for our healing team members who are still thinking about going to a Christmas service by providing a list of churches with Christmas service information.

I need your help to get those information. If you are a member of church and have an information about Christmas services, please get me those information. Don’t think someone from your church will send me information, I want you to send me those information ASAP!!. The church with the most members provide me the information will be the top of the list.

**VERY IMPORTANT: Please keep it in the following format***

1. Name of your Church (Home page address)
2. Address
3. Date & Time of services.


1. Fellowship Church Downtown Dallas (http://downtown.fellowshipchurch.com/christmasinthepark)
2. 2809 Ross Ave, Dallas, TX 75201
3. 12/20 (FRI) 7pm, 12/22 (SUN) 10 and 11:30 am, 12/24 (TUE) 5pm.

Have a great week!!

I got this idea after listening this message.  http://downtown.fellowshipchurch.com/messages

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