2/13/2014 Olympics

Good Thursday morning healing team.
It has been almost a week since Winter Olympics started last Friday. I am very exceed about it.

Winter Olympics are very different from Summer Olympics. Events require to compete either on the ICE or SNOW. Athletes jump, slide, twist, dance, shoot, and run (hopefully they stop safely) on the Ice or snow.

We just had snow/ice storm. A lot of us rather stayed inside than trying to jump, slide, twist, dance, shoot and run on the ice/snow. See, they are crazy (in the better way).

When you watch Olympics on NBC sports in the evening, there are storied about athletes. I am sure every athletes have great story. There are even greater stories to tell on the behind scene. The stories of hard work, failures and tears which lead them to an Olympian.

They may be gifted to do what they do, however, they worked very hard to get there. I know for sure it just did not fell in thei r laps.

Athletes can get more attention of what they have achieved, but we all achieved great things and we all are gifted in different area. You can be an Olympian in your gifted area, whether it is to teach students, protect public, or make people laugh and relax. Yes we do not get to compete in the Olympics for that, but keep working hard and let’s be excellent at what we are gifted.

Pastor Steven Fartick talks about your gift in the recent series. Please click part 2. (Strings and Slings)

Let’s support them, cheer them and encourage them to compete at their best.

Dr T

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