2/27/2014 Have a great day!

Good Thursday morning healing team!

I hope your week is going well. It is nice and cold this morning. It is still February but March is right around the corner.

I got a question for you. How many blessings can you count in a day? There are so much blessing we get in a day and a lot of times we do not realize them.

We tend to worry about things that we do not have and we do not have control about them and we get frustrated. How about focus on things that we have and thank for the blessing that we have them.

Now you start counting the blessing. Starting from be able to walk out of the bed and simply be able to use a bathroom without any help. That is a blessing. You are reading my email, this is blessing also. We take for granted our blessing. Now you know you have so much blessing in a day and you need to share blessings.

I started to sending a text of simply saying I just want to say have a great day! F irst day  I picked first 10 people from my contact list. Next day I sent next 10 on the list. Some I just talked yesterday, some I have not talked for years. Try everyday and see what happens. You can text, email or call. Most of them reply you and thank you for the message.

I want you to start trying this from TODAY. NOW. Start from one text or two text or emails or phone calls. Whatever you are comfortable with.

I believe we should start a day with positive and YOU have a control to do that.

This is from Habitation event from Gateway Church. Awesome Blessing stories.

Have a great day everyone!

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