2/6/2014 Snowing and Changing

It has been a while since I wrote last email. No excuse. I just did not. But with snowing outside, I had to write you an email.

First of all, those who have appointment with me this afternoon, snow should clear out by mid morning. If you are comfortable to drive in the condition, I am here for you. If you are not and rather reschedule, just call in and we will help you to reschedule your appointment.

Winter Olympics will start TOMORROW! It has been four years since last winter olympics in Vancouver. With snow we have today, maybe Dallas can host Winter Olympics….. ok, maybe not…

Some may know that I was a chiropractor for the USA Bobsled and Skelton team for Vancouver Olympics. I was lucky enough to walk in opening and  closing ceremony too. That experience was awesome.

People ask me if I were going to Sochi Olympics or miss going there. Four years passed and my life has changed. I h ave my own clinic and I have tons (thank you for the blessing) of patients to take care of.

Change is good. But it is not easy. I have to let things go and welcome the new things coming. When you change, you hope for the better change. For the better change, I have to let things go which was great for me, and others will receive it and you will be bless with better opportunity. For me, I had to let go my position with working with USA team, and other was blessed with the position, and I was blessed with my current position that I enjoy a lot.

This is encourage message that you may want to check out if you stay at home today.


Good luck to every olympians!!

Dr. T

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