3/20/2014 The moon is round

Good Thursday morning healing team!

Weekend is right around corner. I am off this Saturday so I am excited to have an extra day off this weekend.

My son is two and half years old and we are potty training him and he is not there yet. We went to church yesterday evening and as usual, I checked him in the nursery and took him to his room. As soon as we got there, he told one of volunteer at the nursery that he needed to go to potty. I told him that my son never told me he need to go potty at home. Then he told me that Kunimatsu (my son’s name) always tell them he needs to go…

Well, I took him to the restroom and he peed, flush and wash his hands. Cool. He can do it, but he won’t tell me or my wife every time he needs to go at home…

I doubt that he is not potty trained, but he is potty trained at the church but not home… everything is possible with God. I need his power in the home. I start with praying.

I always tell y ou that your body have ability to heal and it will get better as long as do the right thing. No doubt about this.

When things are going well, we tend to doubt less about things. When things are tough, we tend to doubt more or question more about things. Then we get into more trouble. When things are tough that is when we need to be less doubt about things.

Doubt will not take you anywhere but certainly take you where you want to go or at least get you somewhere to get you where you want to go.

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Have a great day!

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