3/6/2014 A crack on your windshield.

Good Thursday Morning healing team!

It seems like we got some rain last night. We need rain. Let’s pray for some good rainy days. Maybe not during spring break but if that’s what it is, it is what it is.

Also, those come in this week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, I would like to appreciate your patience to work with me when I was by myself due to Alecia could not get here due to heavy ice in East Texas. Again, thank you very much.

I found this post on Facebook and I would like to share this.
“Are you driving with a cracked windshield? I was for 6 months in my VW Jetta. It’s a car that has a lot of mileage and could use a lot more cosmetic work and a good cleaning inside and out, paint job, etc. I see this cracked windshield 3 hours a day, 4 days a week. I got a new windshield a couple of weeks ago and for some reason my attitude has changed when I drive this car. I almost feel like I’m driving a better car. I rea lized th at when we focus on our brokenness or the brokenness around us and it stares you everyday in the face for hours at a time, then you need to change your focus. God makes things all new, no matter your situation. Just look to Him and He gives vision, clarity, and hope. Well FB you asked what was on my mind.”

“Crack” in your life usually starts with something so small, but if you focus on that, it can get very big and takes a lot of you even though it may physically a small crack however, emotionally it can be very big.

How do you fix this big crack? like this person posted, God makes things all new. Just listen, trust and obey him. But no talking. Praying is encouraged but not talking.

Great message from Derric Bonnot
https://www.fellowshipchurch.com/messages Click on Guest Derric Bonnot.

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