5/6/14 A gap between expectation and reality

Good morning healing team!

I hope your week is going awesome. It is getting hot during the day but we still enjoy cooler temperature in the morning and evening.

I enjoy writing email every week, but some week, I cannot come up with anything. That was last week. I have a good one this week. I hope you will enjoy this email.

The title of this email is a gap between expectation and reality, which is discouragement. We all had experience that a lot of times. You expect to get A on the test, but you got C. You expect get a certain job or promotion, but you did not. You decided to eat healthy to lose weight, but you been eating out everyday.

Discouragement happens a lot of time. When you start a new thing, you expected some outcome, however, the outcome often does not meet your expectation, because we expected too much at the first. You do something new because you want to see some positive changes in your life. Often time, the changes a re not e asy.

It is great to have a high expectation and I encourage everyone to do so. You may get discouragement from the result, but it does not mean you quit. If you quit, you failed. Keep on going to improve a gap between your expectation and reality until you meet your expectation. I know it is not easy but otherwise you just going to quit? I don’t think so.

YOU can only quit, no one can quit you. Again, keep on going to improve the gap between expectation and reality.

Use discouragement to encourage you this week!!

Have a great encouraged week! YOU CAN DO IT whatever you are doing!!

Dr. T

http://elevationchurch.org/sermons/crash-the-chatterbox Click on part 5.

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