9/30/13 Chocolate

Good Monday afternoon healing team!

State fair started and Dallas Arboretum started an annual pumpkin event. We have been seeing 50’s and 60’s in morning temperature. Fall is really kicked in.  Yes, tomorrow is already October.

Orange is the first thing coming up in my mind when I hear about October. I am not a big fun of orange since I graduated from Oklahoma. However, according to my multiple sources of feng shui, orange is “sociable” color. I guess I need to enjoy orange this month and be more social with Longhorns and Oklahoma State Cowboys. Yes, those two school have orange in their school color.

October starts increasing consumption of candies. My son loves chocolate. I am sure he is not only one. A lot of kids loves chocolate. A lot of adults loves chocolate. We all loves chocolate. I love almond chocolate. I could not eat much when I was little because my nose started breeding for no reasons. That was not a very goo d memory for me. Anyways, go back to my son, I was on the Skype with my dad yesterday (www.skype.com). My son found M&M Peanuts in the pantry (yes, I love M&M peanuts too), and he asked me to give him some. It was close to dinner time my response was he would get some chocolate after dinner. My dad was watching that on skype and told me to give him some. My dad told me that he gave me some almond chocolates when my mom was not watching. I told him I did not remember. But I decided to gave him some. I ended up giving him 6 or 8 because his face bright up so much with joy every time I gave him one. I don’t have to tell you but he was on the sugar high for a while.

I am sorry if this makes you eat chocolate. I should not talk about chocolate but it gave me a joy and hopefully, it gave you a smile of your face too.

Have a great week! Happy October!

Dr. T

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