A Breathtaking Trail 8/28/15

Good Friday morning healing team!!

I hope you are enjoying cooler temperature in the morning. Fall may be around the corner.

Talking about cooler temperature, when I was up in Colorado, it was 30’s in the morning. It felt very cold when my body was used to 100 plus degrees.

It was cooler because we stayed in above 10,000 feet, which means there was about 33 percent less oxygen compare to a sea level.

One day we were hiking, we climbed up to 12,000 feet where is about 40% less oxygen. Yes, I was breathing hard while carrying 40 pound plus backpack on the rocky, unstable, very steep trail up to the peak.

When we got on top, all the pain to get there paid off. An incredible view. Something I never saw before and it was awesome. I believe you just got to be there to experience it.

God has the best plan (TRAIL) for each one of us. (Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.) The TRAIL could start out with easy flat for a while, but IT can get steep, rocky with lesser oxygen and feels like it never ends. Then on top of that, your feet are hurting and breathing hard and it started getting dark and wind is picking up and seems like you will be hit by a heavy thunder storm soon.

So many times we want to step off from the TRAIL and go off on our own trail. BUT, you never know what an incredible view God has for you until you get there, wherever God has plan for you. I am sure it will be a breathtaking, amazing, spectacular view for you. But you have to get THERE. You have to stay on the TRAIL and keep walking.

It is okay to rest and recharge yourself, but stay on the TRAIL.

I hope you get to see multiples of breathtaking views in your life. Share those views with your family and friends. We all need to hear and get encouraged to stay on the TRAIL.

Have a great weekend!

Dr. T

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