Amazing Investment 2/11/16

Good evening healing team!

It has been a while since I wrote an email last time. It is always nice to be back writing again. (Just like seeing you in a while. It is always a pleasure to see you).

A lot of us remember 2008 financial crisis. It has been 8 years since.  Global stock markets are not performing very well. I am sure a lot of you are worried about your investment future. I am too.

However, good news from a history of stock markets shows you are in favor. It will eventual comes back. Just stay with it and ride waves and it will come back. Human history repeats itself all the time.

I have said many times that body is designed to heal. It will go down, but it will come back. Yes eventually we will go down, however, if you are a believer of Christ, you will rise up to the Heaven. You will go up.

I started telling that when you come get a treatment, you are investing your future. I can assure that you will be more likely to live heal thy, physically, emotionally and spiritually if you take care of your body, than you do not.

Gentlemen, take care of your wife, your wife will take care of you! Thank you ladies! Gentlemen, do not forget about Valentine’s day. Do not have to get anything if you two decided, but a card, text, or note may get you a favorite dish, drink, or even a truck for your next special occasion.

I am not a financial adviser, so I will not tell you what is the best thing to do right now, but as a believer, we all definitely invest your life in the Lord as much as we can.

But How? This is what I think.

I believe that each second we spending our time here on the Earth without sinning is a investing our life in Lord.

We cannot invest our life in Him if we are sinning.

Sin separates us from God (Isaiah 59:2). If we are separated, how can we invest our life in Him?

God loves you more than anyone can love you. The key is that He does not like S in. Again, He loves you no matter what, you are His child. You are very important for Him.

Husband and wife, if your hearts are not connected each other, First, connect your heart with God. Second, start praying and keep praying. Third, believe your prayers and do what it takes to get it done. He will reunite your broken hearts through Christ.

Philippians 4:13  I can do all thing through Christ, who strengthen me.

Happy Valentines’ day Ladies and Gentlemen.

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