Baby in the Heaven 8/4/2014

Good Monday afternoon healing team!

August is here and weather is awesome for Texas summer. If you are football fan, football is here already. It will be another exciting football season. Good luck to everyone.

My son will turn 3 this month. He is growing and he is usual three years old boy. I love ice cream and so does he (I know you all love ice cream too. It is okay to eat ice cream. Enjoy your ice cream, just do not eat everyday).  He especially likes the chocolate which covers over ice cream. He just eats the chocolate and gives me the ice cream. See? he is a typical 3 years old. 

My wife and I watched a movie called “Heaven is for real” over the weekend. The movie is 90 minutes long and I cannot pay attention to entire movie. Where I most remember from this movie is where Colton (the boy went to heaven) told his mom that he met his sister in heaven but she did not have a name. (His sister did not have a name because mom miscarried her and did not named her).

That made me realize that I need to write this email to you all. If you know anyone who have miscarried, please let them know that they have to name the baby. They think they lost the baby, but they did not. Their baby is in heaven. He needs a name in heaven. 

Acupuncture is helping a lot of patients with fertility issues. I know some who have miscarried. Some one time, some multiple times. Some with children, some still working on it. I guess that’s why I remember that part the most. 

Is Heaven for real? What is your answer? No need to share or answer right now. It could be easy question for some but not for the others. 

Have a great week!! Kids enjoy rest of your summer!! Parents, relax, we have 3 more weeks of summer!!

Dr. T

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