Back in School 8/25/2014

Good Monday afternoon healing team.

Today is a special Monday. A lot of students are going back to schools. Parents and grandparents, thank you for your hard work during summer.

Teachers, I hope you had a great summer and thank you for teaching our future. Students, Listen to your parents, teachers and coaches and study hard!

Also, college football starts this week. Just in case you did not know that. The best of luck to you all for your favorite team. 

When I was a student, I enjoyed going to school. Back in Japan, my school had a great lunch. Gourmet lunch every day. It was a great reason for me to enjoy going to school. 

In school, I am sure that your teachers told you to study hard to get good grades.  Your coaches told you to practice hard to win games. But, I am sure that most of us got grades we did not expect or lost games unexpectedly. Those were big disappointments. 

Some of us do great job letting things go and move on to next, some of us may not be good at letting things go and stuck in the same place. 

I am not near close to perfect. Some I will do a great job letting go, especially ones I do not care, Some I struggle to let go, especially ones I DO care a lot. I know we all have different struggles of letting things go, especially things care the most. That’s the cool thing about life. Just keep working on it. 

I would like to share this message from Clayton King, I believe his message will help a lot of us. Click on the following link. Sit back and relax and Enjoy!

Kids are back in school, now you can take care of yourself. I will see you soon!!

We are closed on next Monday, Labor day (9/1/14).  

Have a great school year!!

Dr. T

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