Close and strong relationship 6/23/14

Good Monday morning healing team!

It is summer time and a lot of you seems to be out of town or stay-cationing. Wherever you are this morning, let’s take a deep breath in to your lungs using your stomach (not raising your chest), hold for a minute, just kidding. holding for 10-15 seconds, and… breath out…. Repeat a few times as needed. Let your tensions out as you breath out.

Did anyone watch USA vs. Portugal World Cup soccer game last night? Portugal tied the game with 15 seconds left on the game clock. It is good for them, but we still have a great chance to advance to next round.

I was watching the Undercover Boss episode of Menchie’s last week and one of the workers at the Menchie’s told on the show that “my boss taught me not only to have a goal, but also to work hard to achieve the goal. If you want it, go get it”

It is easy to set a goal or multiple goals. However, are we working toward it? Let’s realign o urselves with the goal and work toward it. I am sure that the goal will get closer everyday.

This is my thought and sharing this with you.
I was thinking about this principle of God wants to have a great/close relationship with you. He is ready whenever we are ready and keep the close relationship with you. We tend to turn to God for help when we need his help, however, when things are well, we tend to not to work hard on the relationship just because things are going well. I do that all the time.

However, we need to have the closest relationship with God when things are going well so we can keep the good time as much and as long as we can. I know we have to work to keep the relationship, because it just does not happen. One great thing about keeping the relationship is that when things turns around, you are still with God.

Cool thing about this is that you can use this principle to everyday thing in your life. It can be used in the relationship with your spouse, children, families, business partners, co-workers, and so on. All the good relationship just does not happen. Some are easy and some are hard. You got to work for it.

Whatever your goal is, keep working on it. Stay close and stay strong to it. You will get there soon. click on c.Summer Vacation Part 2

Have an awesome week!

Dr. T

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