Commitment 12/1/14

Good Monday afternoon healing team!!

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was great. Now, we are in higher gear for holiday season. If you blink a few time, it will be Christmas and then time for a new year resolution.

How was your 2014? What have you achieved this year? Wow, it is a tough questions. What have I achieved this year? What can I do to improve in 2015?

Commitment is challenging. But, it is great when commitment goes through.  If engineers are not committed to work hard to develop technology, your iPhone does not work well and may take days to load your internet page, or you may receive this email in July next year.

Christmas is great. It is the most wonderful time of the year. However, Christmas can be too commercialized. It is so easy to lose focus on what it is for. I think we can enjoy commercialized part of Christmas as long as we remember what it is for.

I would like to shar e with y ou what a patient told me about Christmas. The best gift is not under the Christmas tree. The best gift is what we received from the God when we committed to Jesus into your life and he accepted you to his life and he committed to us.

If he was not born, I never received the gift of what I received from him.

Here is a great message about commitment from Ed Young

I would like to put together for the list of Christmas services for this year. Please reply me or email me at your church’s Christmas service time.

Enjoy this Christmas season!!

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