Conquer 9/24/15

Good Thursday morning healing team!!

It has been a while since last email. I hope you all are doing very well.

We need some rain again. Those of you who are a great rain dancer, let’s get a party going!!

I got a picture text of Roman 12 9-21 verses on it from one of my friend on Monday. I did not need that on Monday or Tuesday, but last night I needed it.

It is amazing how God works through all of us. He knew I needed it. He made sure that I had it with me on Monday. Allowed me to read and digest His word for full three days so I can use it on the day I needed. Simply, Amazing.

You may not realize yet,(I did not realized until yesterday) but His word you have been receiving, He is equipping you with Tools (His word) you need to go through your life Godly way. That is blessing.

From Roman 12 9-21, last verse Roman 12:21 stood out to me.
ISV translation
“Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good.”

Especially Conquer evil with good.

Yes, we will overcome evil with doing good. Just keep doing what you have been doing. Treat your family, friends and co-workers right.

When you are in stressful situation, it is so easy to be “not nice” to others. That is what evil wants you to do. Be a “not nice” person.

Instead, keep your “cool” and stay with who you are; a “nice-person”. Keep doing good to others.

Don’t allow evil to conquer you by turning you into “not a nice person”.

God is our witness and He knows everything.

Roman 12:19 ISV
“Do not take revenge, dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it is written, “Vengeance belongs to me. I will pay them back, declares the Lord.””

Remember, in my office, I got your back. I can adjust you very well.

Behind of all, God got our back!! He can adjust you much better than I can!!

Have a great day!

Dr. T

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