Get Back in the Rhythm

Good Monday Morning healing team!

It is unpleasantly and extremely warm outside. Please make sure to stay cool and hydrate well. Dehydration is not only the cause of heat related injuries but also it is a key factor to catching cold. Immune system cannot work at 100% if you are dehydrated.

It could be you or someone you know who gets sick often during summer could be due to dehydration. Let’s remind ourselves to drink more water to stay healthy!

We are already in August, some might start school already, some will do soon. Either way, we have to get back in the rhythm. First, it takes more effort to get back in the rhythm but if you do, it is easy.

For example, I am not a great dancer, but I enjoy dancing. Not country dance yet, but talking about country, it is hard. I am counting two steps and one step two steps and one step and I feel like I got it and when I looked around, people were turing around so I raised my arm up and pulle d my wif e so she could turn, but my wife went “what are you doing? then I said ” well, you should turn.” and she goes “well, you should lead me” then I said “I am”. Also, there is always one or two dancing through on the dance floor like mad driver in Dallas traffic.

Anyways, get back on the example, I like more uptown Dallas club music. Well, we have not been there much since we had our son (He will be Two on this Thursday). I am not good at getting on the rhythm. So I have to look my wife or others to see what kind of rhythm I need to be on. Once I am on the rhythm, I enjoy riding of the wave music then DJ changes to different music, then I look around again to get on the new wave of rhythm. After dancing for a few musics, it is getting easier to find the rhythm and those songs I have known for a while, I just jump on it.

Those of you know have done so many time, it will be easy for you to get back in the rhythm, those not, it may be easy to look around and see what they doing.

I have not seen some of you for a while. I hope you are enjoying your summer. Come by get treated and tell me about your summer.

Remember, healing start from your body ~where healing begins~

Have a great week!

If you know anyone who can benefit from my services, please send them my way.
I thank you for your support and referrals!

Sincere healing,

Tetsuya Hasegawa, D.C., A.T.C.
2010 Team USA Vancouvour Olympics Chiropractor
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