How is your tomato taste like? 11/24/15

Good morning healing team!!

I hope you are excited for Thanksgiving.

I have heard that a lot of people enjoy Thanksgiving more than Christmas, because there is much less stress on Thanksgiving than Christmas. Yes No presents. Just good time with family and friends and a Cowboys game.

How about present”less” Christmas? I bed Christmas won’t get that much attention if there is no presents involved with it. What do you think?

According to wikipedia, Thanksgiving day is a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. There are still arguments on when was the first thanksgiving dinner in the United States. I am sure that they did not have as much as food we will have on the table back when it started.

About two months ago, I found out that my blood glucose level was a little bit on the higher side, thanks to ice cream and bbq potato chips I eat after dinner almost everyday.

I had to change m y eating lifestyle. My diet got so simple. Fresh vegetables, some meat, chicken, fish and fruits. Food that are available without precessing, adding any preservatives and chemicals.

First two weeks, I felt worse. I was detoxing. On Tuesday afternoon on third week, I started having an energy that I did not have for a while.

Can you eat a salad without any dressing? I can now and I can taste each vegetable now. No more ranch dressing for me.

Do you know what tomato really taste like? Not tomato soaked in a ranch dressing. They taste sweet. Call me crazy but it will taste sweet for you if you get rid of all junks and chemicals you put in your mouth. Try that for two weeks, on the third week, there is an awesome reward waiting for you.

I believe it can apply to a lifestyle walking in the God’ pathway. His pathway is not like Las Vegas strip or New York broadway at times square. I believe IT is very simple. There won’t be man made water fountains or streets that lighted up like a day with millions of man made light bulbs at night.

His pathway is like hiking in the woods or mountain. There are rocks and mud everywhere. There may be sneaks trying to get you. But, if you keep walking on IT, you will come cross to an amazing view of water falls that you never knew it exist until you get there. There are stars and the moon to light up your path or give you enough light to be comfortable at night.

Every decisions we make take us to a different path. Some are good paths, some are not. Some pathways I thought I took a good path however I ended up in the dead end. So I got to turn around. We do this everyday all the time.

A good thing about making a wrong path is that we can hop back in the God’s path very quickly. However, a bad thing about it is that we can hop back in a wrong path very quickly too.

I know Ice cream taste good. But do you want to taste sweetness in  tomato? Do you want to taste sweetness in God’s love you never tasted before?

God’s path seems simple. But IT is not easy. Just like eating a salad without a ranch dressing. Just keep eating a salad without a ranch dressing. I am sure that it will start tasting better and you won’t hop back to a ranch dressing anymore. (and saving on your grocery bills)

You cannot? Yes you can, follow Philippians 4:13.

Have a great Thanksgiving !!


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