July 1st- Email sent on 7/1/13

I am writing this from Brazil today. Those of you who tried to call us today, I do apologize that we did not get back quickly. We will be back in the office tomorrow at 10am.

My wife is from Brazil and we are visiting her family in Sao Paulo Brazil. It is the financial center of Brazil or Latin America. Quick trivia for you. Brazil is the only country in Latin America whose primary language is not Spanish. It is Portuguese.

Some of you may know that World Cup will be held in Brazil next year and Brazilian government has not been using the money the way it supposed to. It also announced to increase in public services and taxes. Brazilians are protesting against their government.

My flight leaves 10pm however, there will be protest today after 5pm they are planning to block streets all over Sao Paulo, so I need to leave home 8 hours prior to my departure. ( usually takes about one hour the most to go to air port).&n bsp;If Brazilian government had worked as it supposed to, others and I did not have to go through this chaos.

I guess it is what it is and I do not stress out what I cannot control. I try control what I can control. Be on time for my flight.

Today is my wife’s grand mother’s birthday and she is 98!!

Those of you who is traveling this week for Fourth of July, have a safe trip and enjoy whatever you will be.

Happy birthday America!!

Dr. T

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Sincere healing,

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