Make some space and start receiving and sharing ! 3/16/15

Good afternoon healing team!

I hope you are glad to see the sun out today. Those of you who had a spring break last week, I hope you enjoyed your spring break.

It has been a while since I sent last email. I did not have a great connection so it took me a long time to download a message into my Brain. But, it completed yesterday, so here we go!

Have you been in a situation that you called someone and could not leave a message because the voicemail was full.

I have.

I assume those voicemails that using up the storage probably are junk voicemails. If not, that person probably took care of them.

Do you want to be blessed more? Yes I do. We all should want to be blessed more so we can bless others. It is okay to be blessed more and it is okay and encouraged to bless others through your blessing.

Remember that you do not have to spend any money to do it. Just texting or calling to someone to check on them can be blessing to them.
In order to receive blessing, we need to make sure we have a space in storage to receive it. If you accumulate too much junk of your life in the storage and you cannot let go of them and your storage is full of junk, you cannot receive any more blessing even though your blessing is right in front of you.

If you have full of junk in your storage, such as anger, unhappiness, unforgiveness or whatever it is you are holding in your storage from the past, let’s delete them.

It is so easy to focus on the past and spending so much time about I should have done this way or I could have done that way…, but I realized nothing will change the past, God only works with you right now and future.

Or if you are blessed and your storage is full of blessing that is awesome. However, you cannot receive any more blessings because your storage is full. Does it mean you stop receiving blessing? Yes and No. If you do not make more space by passing on your b lessing to others, Yes, if you pass on your blessing to make more space, No.

Let’s relax your hands and open your hands to let go whatever filling up your storage and use that hands to receive your blessing and use the same hands to bless others.

Remember the Proverbs that I shared with you a few weeks ago?
Provers 3-27 (The message)
“Never walk away from the person who deserve your help, because your hand is God’s hand for that person”

You use your hands in Godly way. Almighty way. If you do, your hands will be blessing for you and others.

We all are blessed to each other.

Have a awesome week!

Dr. T

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