Me + *** = Greater

Good morning healing team!

I hope your Christmas and New Year were great and January is going well also.

If you have any new year resolutions, how are they going? It was cold last a few days, so it may be a time you are struggling through to keep them going.

If you are, (even if you are not, because you may later), I would like to save 45 minutes of your busy time to listen this message from Pastor Greg Rohlinger who found a great value in the struggles we face everyday.

He recently passed at young age in December 2015, His physical condition lead him to face challenges that most of us do everyday without thinking about it.

How long will it take you to get out of a chair? A second. For him, 5-10 minutes sometimes more. It is very hard to find a value to taking 5-10 minutes every time you get out of a chair.

I hate elevators, or I should say I hateD elevators. I used to get panic attach when I got on an elevator. I started thinking about what if I get stuck here? What if no one comes to rescue me? What if…. all kinds of negative thoughts go through in my mind…
I am sure some of you can relate with negative thoughts can get you in panic mode.

Then I prayed, and prayed about it for a long time, and I realized one day that a chance to stuck in the elevator is very slim. I guess a change is less than hitting a powerball jackpot. ($1.5 billion for today’s drawing)

So why I worry and put so much focus on thing that is less likely to happen? Let’s focus on a big picture, focus on good thing that will more likely to happened.

God has a greater plan for you. He wants to use your struggles to do something greater.  James 1:12, Roman 8:18.

Great thing about God is that no matter what your situation is, add God in your life, He can do something greater if you allow Him.

Me + God = Greater, how about yours?

Have an awesome year!!

Dr. T

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