New Year Re-resolution 1/8/15

I do not have to say but make sure to bundle up well today. It is cold. It has been a week since a new year started and it is about time that new habit you created for a new year is becoming a little bit hard to keep it.
According to, “the time it took for the habit to form varied widely: For some people, the healthy habits felt automatic after just 18 days — for others, it took 254 days. “So this does not mean it always takes 66 days, but it does mean that it is usually much longer than 21 days” Lally said in an email to TODAY Health” So keep it going until it gets own it.
When it comes to health, Americans like to spend tons of dollars on it. In 2012, the US spent an average of $8,915 per person on health care, reaching a total of $2.8 trillion and $28 billion in vitamins along in 2010. I believe nutrition is very important and faith in Jesus to heal is as important as you take vitamins every day. If we spend billions of dollars in faith in Jesus to heal; I am not sure what it means by spending billions of dollars, could be time spending with him, reading, praying whatever it will be; I believe amazing healing can happen.
I would like to share this message from Jack Graham
I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health. 3 John 1:2 When was the last time you thanked God for your health? It’s probably been a while, because most of us take our health for granted.
One interesting thing to me about physical health is the powerful impact that our minds can have on the way we feel. By that I mean if we are always entertaining thoughts about how sick we are, or if we’re afraid of how sick we might become, the chances are we’re going to be sick.
When I was in seminary, I ran an impromptu field test where four or five of us went up to another student who was perfectly healthy and told him, “Boy, you look sick,” just to see how it would affect him. Sure enough, before the day was over he went home sick! Now please don’t misunderstand. I’m not making light of real illnesses. I’m just saying that the way we think and the attitude we take toward life has a tremendous influence on how we feel.
We as believers must live with a healthy attitude regardless of our actual physical health. If you are ill, suffer from a disease, or have physical limitations which diminish your ability to do the things you used to be able, thank God for the strength He gives you each day to serve and worship him. If you are healthy, praise him this day for that blessing and encourage others who may be less fortunate. In all things, praise His holy name. THANK GOD TODAY FOR THE HEALTH HE GIVES YOU.
Stay warm!! If you need a warm tea, stop by to get warm up!!

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