Past Present and Future 5/2/16

Good afternoon healing team!

I hope you enjoyed beautiful weather yesterday. It is a time of the year we can have a beautiful sunny day like yesterday and a beautiful rainy day like today.


In today’s world, things are always changing. A new technology, a new post on a Facebook and a new political drama. TMI (Too much information!) I cannot process the most of new information coming in or Am I getting old? or too busy? or simply TMI…

Revelation 1:8 says “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”

God is constance. He was the same yesterday, is the same today and is to come the same in the future.

His promises held true yesterday, is holding true today and will hold true tomorrow.

He heals us y’all! He healed you yesterday, is healing you today and will heals you tomorrow.

Be a testimonial of His healing.

Today, focus on Him, Grab hold of His word, and believe in Him, have faith in Him, and love Him by obeying His commands.

Do not let anyone take the relationship away from you. It is yours to keep. In order to keep the relationship, there is something we have to do.

You cannot keep a good relationship with your spouse if you talk only once a week right?

Keep talking to Him. Spend time with Him.

My son cannot ride a bike without training wheels? I need to spend time with him practicing more.

God is only a prayer away. He is always with you. Joshua 1:9.

I was afraid to ask this question but I asked myself, how much time did I spend time with God this year? I can do better, much better.

I know it has been busy and not having time to read bible or spending time writing an encouragement emails. But we can make time. As much as God was there for us, we had a time for Him. If we had time to be on the Facebook, yes we did.

I only let that relati onship becomes shaky. But, I can make the relationship solid like a rock through Christ. Philippians 4:13

God was there for you, God is there for you right now, and God will be there for you.
Were you? Are you? and Will you?

Have a great week!

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