Rain- Email sent on 7/16/2013

Rain describes well for last two days. Whatever the description is, I hope you took a benefit of raining days and unusual cooler temperature for July.

Let’s talk about food today.
I like pizza. Recently, Papa John’s opened in Rockwall. I like Papa John’s pizza. Not only when Rangers score more than seven points and win the game, you get 50% off, but I like their pizza. I ate Papa John’s pizza last week for the first time in 10 plus years. Last time I ate was sometime in college at OU (yeah! Go Sooners!!). Yes, it has been a long time.

Along with college talk and junk food, my wife and I first anniversary date lunch when we were in college was SONICS (back then we were still dating) . I still like their sunshine smoothie once in a while.

Ok, now let’s talk about healthy food restaurant. Recently, HG Supply Co opened in lower Greenville Ave in Dallas, TX http://hgsplyco.com/AboutUs.aspx
I respect their concept of providing food comes from wildlife and natural farming. Quality of food we used to have, that’s what they are providing us. Food with healing energy.

Have a great week!

If you know anyone who can benefit from my services, please send them my way.
I thank you for your support and referrals!

Sincere healing,

Tetsuya Hasegawa, D.C., A.T.C.
2010 Team USA Vancouvour Olympics Chiropractor
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Rockwall Texas 75032
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