So, how do you heal? 2/24/15

Good morning healing team!

It is another cold icy morning. Good thing about living in Texas is sooner or later, it will warm up again. This cold icy condition won’t last months. It usually lasts for a day or two, at the most a week with up and down in weather conditions. We may have another snow storm or two before it all clears up by next week.

Changing a gear a little bit, I may have asked you this question already but how do you think how your body gets better and stay well?

I repeated say that a body is designed to heal and it will get better, but how?

I help your body to heal but I do not heal your body. Your body heals itself. Isn’t it awesome? You may go through up and down before gets completely better just like weather we have now but before you know it, your body will get better. That is how your body designed to do. “Get well and stay well”.

So, how do you get sick or hurt yourself? Let’s say you have lower back pain. Let’s t hink about how do you sit everyday? How is your mechanism of lifting heavy objects? or do you exercise to keep your muscle strong? If you do not use muscle, guess what? your muscle gets weak.

Exercise, meditation, healing diet, and taking supplements are a few example of daily routine keeps you well and heal your body.

I can see some of you would argue that I do not have time or do not know how to. I would argue if you do not have time, let’s make some time. If you do not know how, let’s learn how.

I did not say that you do not have to do anything for your body to get well. It is true that your body is designed to heal. YOU heal your body. You take care your body, your body will take care of you. But it requires your participation to get well and stay well.

Anything in your life requires your participation. You want to be a millionaire by winning a lottery? Let’s go buy some tickets, if you do not, you never be one. See, requires your participation.

God designed your body to heal and God will heal you body. I witnessed amazing healing with my eyes, but He want your participation, how do you participate?
1. Sowing, bring the first and the best.
2. Always Seeking him,
3. Sharing his testimonials and word
4. Serving at the church.
You will see the blessing of healing pouring down on you.

But don’t get frustrated when it does not happened at the snap of a finger, because it is all His timing.

Here is a message from Steven Furtick Titled “This may take a while”

As a health care provider, I want you all to get well instantly, and often time, patients get well soon, however, sometimes takes more than I expected and I had to learn healing takes time. I am the one who needs to be patience. It is okay to take time to heal because your b ody needs that time.

Thank you for reading. I know it was a long one, but I hope you all enjoyed it.

Have a great day and stay warm!!

Dr. T

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