The Spirit of God was, is, is going to fill you 1/10/17

Good afternoon healing team and a happy new year!

I hope you had a great Christmas with your family and friends.

Instead of talking about new year, let’s look back to Christmas season 2016.

Being kids during Christmas is great. They don’t have to worry about buying gifts. They just need to worry about writing a letter to Santa Clause telling how good they were throughout a year and what they want for Christmas. On Christmas morning, it is show time for man-made Christmas.

However, Christmas magic will fade away as kids get older. Even for those who believe Santa Clause, a magic of Christmas will fade away as days pass.

It is almost mid-January, as Christmas spirit has gone, some of Christmas gifts may start to collecting dust. We have eleven months before Christmas spirit fills the atmosphere again.

On the other hand, we use Gifts from God everyday. Can you talk? See? Walk? Love? They are Gifts from God! There are a lot more too!!

We do not have to wait until December to fill the atmosphere with the Spirit of God! (If you have Christmas decorations or Christmas tree in your home in March, people think you are lazy or crazy (Okay, I should not judge others). But, people do not think you are crazy filling the atmosphere with the Spirit of God in March.

The Spirit of God never fades away
Revelation 4:8
“…..Day after day and night after night they keep on saying,

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God, the Almighty—
the one who always was, who is, and who is still to come.”

The Spirit of God was, is and will be filled in Heaven and in you.

You don’t feel the Spirit of God? He was with you, He is with you and He will be with you in Spirit. Don’t turn your back to Him. Just turn around and now you see Him.

For 2017, may the Spirit of God filled and over flow your home, office, schools, co-wark ers and friends and family for you!

Dr T

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