The vision 1/11/19

Good Friday afternoon healing team!

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I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.  

2019 is here. What is your vision for 2019?

I would like to share Acts 12. 

Acts 12:1-4
About that time King Herod Agrippa began to persecute some believers in the church. 2 He had the apostle James (John’s brother) killed with a sword.3 When Herod saw how much this pleased the Jewish people, he also arrested Peter. (This took place during the Passover celebration.) 4 Then he imprisoned him, placing him under the guard of four squads of four soldiers each. (that’s 16 soldiers!) Herod intended to bring Peter out for public trial after the Passover.

King Herod had a vision that persecuting believers pleased the Jewish people (I do not believe all the Jewish people, especially only the leaders), so he had a plan to persecute Peter in public. 

But, God did not see that way. 

Acts 12:6-12
6 The night before Peter was to be placed on trial, he was asleep, fastened with two chains between two soldiers. Others stood guard at the prison gate. (Yes, 16 of them). 7 Suddenly, there was a bright light in the cell, and an angel of the Lord stood before Peter. The angel struck him on the side to awaken him and said, “Quick! Get up!” And the chains fell off his wrists. 8 Then the angel told him, “Get dressed and put on your sandals.” And he did. “Now put on your coat and follow me,” the angel ordered.9 So Peter left the cell, following the angel. But all the time he thought it was a vision. He didn’t realize it was actually happening. 10 They passed the first and second guard posts and came to the iron gate leading to the city, and this opened for them all by itself. So they passed through and started walking down the street, and then the angel suddenly left him.11 Peter finally came to his senses. “It’s really true!” he said. “The Lord has sent his angel and saved me from Herod and from what the Jewish leaders had planned to do to me!

Peter’s great escape story is awesome, but I love verse 8 that an angel prepared Peter to be safe when an angel left him on the street at night. 

Imagine Peter stood on the street at night with bare feet and only had boxers on? They would have found him quickly. 

See, you maybe feeling like you stuck in a “situation” but when God is ready to lead you out of there, He will prepare you to do so. So when you get out, you can do what God has plan to do through you. 

I am not sure how God will “prepare” you. May be struggles you are going through or hardships you are going through right now. You may have been praying God for years to lead you out from the “situation” or answer your prayers. 

Jame 1:2-4
Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and completenot lacking anything.
So what happened to King Here’d Agrippa?

Acts 12:22-23
22 The people gave him a great ovation, shouting, “It’s the voice of a god, not of a man!” 23 Instantly, an angel of the Lord struck Herod with a sickness, because he accepted the people’s worship instead of giving the glory to God. So he was consumed with worms and died.

Matthew 23:13
“But those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

Acts 12:24 
“Meanwhile, the word of God continued to spread, and there were many new believers. 

Verse 24 is the God’s vision. His word to spread and more believers to be born. 

If you are a believer, you are in the God’s vision. You are a part of His almighty plan. 

Anyone who wants to be in God’s vision, you are very welcome by God to be one. If you do, let me know. I am very happy to lead you to the right resources. 

1 Peter 2:4-5
4 As you come to him, the living Stone—rejected by humans but chosen by God and precious to him— 5 you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

Have a great 2019!

Dr. T

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