Unstuck and keep it going 11/3/14

Good Monday afternoon healing team!

How did you enjoy your extra hour yesterday? I had an extra hour of sleep, that was awesome. I hope you all enjoyed an extra hour as much as you could.

It is already November. Temperature is sliding down quickly. This means it gets easier to catch a cold. Drink up some warm tea and increase your Vitamin C intake to prevent you and your loved ones from catching a cold.

Prevention plays a major roll in your health, education, and every part of your life. If you take care of yourself, it is less likely you get sick or injury. As you know, sickness and injury can slow down your life.

Often time you will find yourself stuck in the same sickness (sinus issues, migraine headache) or injury (neck and back pain etc) or body weight for long time if you do not do anything about it.

Some of you tried to unstuck and successfully got out of it, but if you quick taking c are of yourself, you got right back to where you started.

This tell us that if we do not do anything about it, we will stuck in the same place for a long time whether you liked it or not. It is so easy to stuck in the same place, but it is hard to get it going and keep it going. But it is easier to keep it going than get it going. That’s where prevention comes in.

If you get stuck again, you have to try to unstuck again, and again and again until you get out of it and keep it going… if you do, you will get somewhere close to where you want to go. Harder and smarter you work, you will get there quickly; then keep it going. So you won’t fall back to where you started.

You do not know where do start, here is where you can start…
Great message by Paster Scott Thomas

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