What heals after tragedy? 12/27/15

Good evening healing team.

In response to the tragedy in our community last night, all of us living this area affected in the different level, my thoughts and prayers goes to all of you and I ask you all to pray for each other. Let’s keep our prayers going for a year.

Let’s use the power of prayers to help each other. Yes, we are the healing team! (This could be one of many reasons that I have been calling you all as a healing team).

I was watching a news and a reporter asked a gentleman whose house was destroyed by a tornado, “What is next?
and a gentleman said “I don’t know…. blame God??”

I cannot answer if God caused tornados last night, however, in my little research, He may let things happens but He won’t cause to happen. (This question would be better answered by a pastor than me).

What I know for sure is that God can use this to make us stronger. He can use this tragedy to do something greater. (Roman 8:28)

If my house was hit by tornado and I may tell myself so many times that God can use this to make me grow, stronger and do something greater, but I am sure WHY question will be hanging in front of my forehead.

Back when a huge tsunami destroyed northern Japanese towns in 2011, with a huge help of Rockwall community, I was able to raise almost $25,000 and donated to rebuild day care in Ishinomaki city in Japan.

While I was there, I visited area where Samaritan’s Purse workers helped hundreds of houses to get cleaned and re-modeled (ain’t nothing fancy remodel) so that residents wishes to be back home would come true.

Many of them told me those Samaritan’s Purse volunteers kept telling them thank you for allowing us to help them. They told me we need to say thank you for helping us but Samaritan’s volunteers told them that they were serving God to help those who was affected by tsunami.

All of them told me that they would not have been back to homes without Samarit an’s Purse help.

God used the tsunami tragedy to spread the Gospel in northern Japan.

I do not know what is His plan for this weekend. But He got an Almighty plan.

A lot of churches in local area stood up to help victims. Without you being a member of the church, without you tithing, without you serving, your church could not have stood up.

Thank you.

So what heals after tragedy?

Dr. T

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