Work it out! 12/24/15

Good Christmas eve evening healing team!

I hope you are enjoying warm weather. We are visiting my wife’s family and where we are is very warm too.

Do you remember what you eat for lunch yesterday?

You may recall soon, but a lot of you may need to think for a minute or so to recall it.

How about can you recall the best thing happened to you this year?

I need a time to think about it.

But we can recall very quickly bad things happened to us even years ago.

We tend to hold on to bad things and put them priority in our memories than good things.

If your lunch is bad and you will get sick, only one thing you can do to get better is to get rid of it from your body. It gotta come out from you. That’s how our body was made. Thank God for our digestive system.

A thing making you sick from past bad event, just sit on a toilet and work it out and flush it. I bed you are going to feel much better.

If you c an get it out, there is nothing to worry about. Just ask God, He will help, show, guide you through this process. It is probably not your way you think He is going to help you (Hey, your way did not work to start with, He always has the best plan for you). You cannot just sit on the toilet, you have to do some work.

By the way I did not get this idea not because my mother-in-law’s lunch was bad, she always spoiled us with awesome food.

I hope wherever you are, you cerebrate this Christmas a step closer to God than last year.

Merry Christmas!!

Dr. T

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